When doing good is worth more to you than being

Welcome to Motel168 Life.

Welcome to the social arm of 168Good Business Group, between Customer168Service and Motel168 Lifestyle. We try to keep our residents and guest happily buoyed up with uplifting info and resources. As we are a conscious entrepreneurial business, we feel it is our responsibility to present you with information mundane and holistic so you can choose for yourself what best suits your lifestyle. We come together in goodness to serve you and if we can soread a little happiness too. We hope you are as excited about our imminent opening as we are. Please connect to us on any of our platforms if your intention is spreading goodness throughout your networks. A lot of what we produce is based on you using your faith for the best results.

Our Story.

We are a group of friendly urbanites who understand the importance of good intentions and faith. We are not hippies, we are Conscious Capitalists. We came together online to find more like minded business people to work with. We create  positive life affirming music, information and resources that will enable you to practice a ‘elevated living’ philosophy. This will incorporate the best of spiritual and mundane practices based in goodness.

We understand that many of us desire the same things and we’re trying to establish business systems that will allow people who are prepared to work towards personal betterment in a fair and caring way. We present you with inspired products by some of our Residents and you use them for personal betterment.

We are also opening e-commerce shops for our Residents and others that understand our ethos. These are curated by us. If interested please become a Resident so you will know when we are open proper and how to apply to be featured.

How Can You Benefit?

Well that’s easy, the best of the web under one roof?

Get promoted through our networks as a Das Guest member.

Engage in information that benefits you positively, esoterically, and ecologically.

The opportunity to share positive and uplifting resources.

Share 168 abundance

Be rewarded for your efforts as a contributor.

Co-produce/Remix Motel168 music

Plus much more . . .

“All good things will come if you believe they will and are active in making them come true for others. Like attracts like, why not bring the best things in your world into our world?”

Much love

Motel168 Lifestyle


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