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Motel168 Lifestyle is the social arm of our business. It is important to share good info and resources so we all stay informed. No matter where you live, no matter what your beliefs?

The world turns and a lot of what we think we’re contributing towards is the complete opposite. We do not believe in conspiracy theories. We do believe however that good actions done daily make better people and better lives. So we’ve been busily trying to make online platforms that could if participated in make your part of the web a much more proactive place to spread and share information that could improve all our lives. We desire you working happily towards your ambitions and we’re going to try our hardest to help those motivated to do this.

As a part of human kind we have a responsibility towards each other and as a collective to replenish the resources on our planet. Whilst fulfilling any personal ambitions we all may have. We do not need a billion products we need the right products.

Let’s Walk towards a Brighter   Future, Together. Forward March.

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